Maask on stage


Maask is the ultimate vocalist/loopstation act.

In his solo performance he uses his own voice and a customized 8 track loopstation to create full finished dance productions in a split second. He takes you on a journey from Noisia inspired drum & bass to Major Lazeristic dancehall to Whitney Houston ballads and back to Jazzy Ska.

He is also a theatrical showman. With his clownesque stand-up skills he tries to disrupt his audience by fucking around with the clichés and customs of the pop and dance scene.

In the past 2 years Maask played over 400 shows at almost every Dutch festival as well as countries abroad such as Germany, Belgium, Poland and Scotland.

In 2015 he started to work on his first solo EP with producer Joeri Jager (Playground Zer0) which is scheduled for early 2016.

Maask is a true live performer so if you get the chance, go and check him out!


  • 27/05 Soccer Rocker, Amsterdam
  • 09/06 Mandala Festival, Park de Bergen
  • 10/06 Internationales KurzFilmFestival, Hamburg (DE)
  • 23-25/06 Down the rabbit hole (muziektheater), De Groene Heuvels
  • 12/08 Paradigm Festival, Groningen
  • 16/09 Time Window, Rotterdam

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